Recommendations for an Eradication Program

1. One person must be responsible for the program to ensure that infested areas get patrolled routinely.
2. Patrols must be conducted on a biweekly basis over the growing season until the first frost occurs. Otherwise, it will be difficult to gain headway as a few plants can produce a significant number of seeds.
3. It is best to pull the plants before the seed pods develop, but if necessary, seed pods can be dealt with by bagging of the floral clusters and seed pods.
4. An effective communication plan is needed to inform residents how to recognize and how to fight the Himalayan Balsam.
5. It was soon found that a paid summer student was necessary to ensure the entire shoreline gets patrolled.
6. For safety reasons, it was found walking in the water wearing hip waders was better than scrambling over wet, slippery rocks.